Kiwi Kids Education Foundation will be looking to work both collectively and holistically; addressing evidence based issues within our communities through social giving.

We will collaborate and partner with the successful organisations working in these areas and we will address identified gaps.

We aim to be a part of social development for New Zealand which does not duplicate or detract from the work already being done, but creates awareness and support for what still needs to be done. 

We know through our sKids programmes there is a lot be addressed and we believe the key is access to education and engaging young children and people at an early age – in ways that are meaningful and valuable for them.

Within our broader business network we know there are many people wanting to give and make a difference, but without knowing how or where – we aim to solve this.

“A community is not strong because it is rich – it is rich because it is strong."

Why should business invest in Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives?


“a business needs a successful community, not only to create demand for its products but also to provide critical public assets and a supportive environment.  A community needs successful businesses to provide jobs and wealth creation opportunities for its citizens.”


“companies have to take the lead in bringing business and society back together”.


Michael Porter & Mark Kramer, Harvard Business Review