Through the following focus area's we believe we can have the biggest impact.

Music and Art

Music is a key skill that facilitates learning in all parts of the classroom, yet it is not being taught on a regular basis to our children.

In partnership with Jellybeans Music we intend to deliver music teaching to primary schools throughout New Zealand


Developing the whole child

Current research indicates that Emotional Intelligence is a much better indicator of a child’s future achievements than intellectual intelligence and yet not much time is spent on actually teaching children emotional literacy


Health and Nutrition Education

As of 2004, over 30% of young New Zealanders were classified as overweight.  In the statistics for 2008, 8.3% of children ages 5 to 14 in New Zealand were classified as obese. 


Financial Literacy

In low socio-economic areas where dependency on the benefit stretches across generations, it is crucial to help children understand the financial and economic world if they are to break the cycle.


Personal Safety

Too many children in New Zealand are the victims of child abuse in various forms.

Our goal is to develop training tools to help children understand what is safe and how to protect themselves in today's world and how to speak up for friends who may be in trouble.


Environment Awareness Education

Children today lead plugged-in lives largely devoid of experiencing the natural world and the ramifications of spending so much of their time in their virtual worlds are not entirely understood yet. If children are detached from nature, how will the next generation care about the land and be the stewards of its resources? (Sourced from Forest